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Hip Replacement

A hip fracture is a serious injury with complications that can be life-threatening. The risk of hip fracture rises with age.

Risk increases because bones tend to weaken with age (osteoporosis). Multiple medications, poor vision, and balance problems also make older people more likely to fall — one of the most common causes of hip fracture.

A hip fracture almost always requires surgical repair or replacement, followed by physical therapy. Taking steps to maintain bone density and avoid falls can help prevent a hip fracture.

At Mehling Orthopedics, you can meet with top-rated, board-certified orthopedic surgeons Brian Mehling, MD and Pavel Yufit, MD who use the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure your hip replacement surgery is entirely effective. You can book your hip replacement consultation at the practice’s Hackensack, New Jersey, or West Islip, New York, locations by calling your nearest office or scheduling an appointment online.