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Brian Mehling, md slated to participate in the 19th annual world congress of society for brain mapping and therapeutics

Breaking Boundaries of Science, Technology, Medicine, Art, and Healthcare Policy meeting being held in LA March 10-13

Brian Mehling, MD, founder and chief medical officer of BHI Therapeutic Sciences, will virtually present on three topics at the 19th Annual World Congress of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. The meeting, entitled Breaking Boundaries of Science, Technology, Medicine, Art, and Healthcare Policy, will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 10-13.

Dr. Mehling will speak on the following: Safety study of Cultured Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Umbilical cord-derived stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis treatment – a single subject case study, and Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for drowning induced hypoxic brain injury – A pediatric case report study of recovery.

Dr. Mehling is a board-certified American orthopedic trauma surgeon, researcher, and philanthropist. He is spearheading groundbreaking research in stem cell therapy focused on treatment and research using stem cells. He is also board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

“We are focused on bringing advanced stem cell therapies within reach of a wider audience, “said Dr. Mehling. We envision a future in which stem cells are preferred over many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services,” he added. He and his colleagues are conducting clinical investigations to evaluate the safety and efficacy of adult stem cells in therapy of chronic inflammation, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, spinal cord injury and other medical conditions.

This program is jointly Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Saint Louis University School of Medicine for Continuing Medical Education (CME) including 700+ presentations (live and virtual),13 keynotes, three panel discussions, and two bio-skills labs (Brain and Spine).
BHI Therapeutic Sciences (BHITS) is pioneering ethical, effective, safe and affordable stem cell treatment therapies utilizing cord blood stem cells (those that are harvesting from an umbilical cord in the case of a C-Section, bringing no injury or risk to mother or baby).

Stem cells are a special kind of cell that can be used to regenerate the human body
without drugs or surgery, treating the leading diseases and injuries shortening our life spans and causing millions of people to live in chronic pain.

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